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Hearing Aids

We offer a full line of hearing aids.

When selecting your hearing aid, your lifestyle and the listening environments you frequent most have a great effect on what hearing aid will be ideal for you. Which hearing aid fits your lifestyle best? There are many different types of hearing aids, the type of hearing loss you have, your lifestyle and your personal preferences in color and style will all influence the hearing aids that fit your individual needs.

Difficulty hearing on the phone?

If you or someone you know has trouble hearing on the phone due to hearing loss, you may be eligible to receive a complimentary CaptionCall phone with free captioning serice.

The revolutionary CaptionCall phone displays smooth-scrolling captions of what your callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen while simultaneously providing the most powerful amplification available and superb audio quality. It lets you hear and read your phone converstation so you won't miss a single word.

TrueDio TV Headset

TrueDio Ears Wireless Radio Frequency TV listening system

This conservatively priced wireless TV TrueDio Ears headset is packed with more than just great value. The adjustable volume and tone controls are right on the headset; you can put the TV on mute and listen in comfort, for you and the rest of your household. It's very lightweight and comfortable and even if you have a severe hearing deficiency, you'll be able to hear, clear audible sound. It charges in three hours, and then you can use it for 12 hours straight. Very easy to set up; works with all makes of TV's on HDTV or regular channels.

Full line of Wax Remover Kits


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