Performing your Assessment

A variety of tests can be used to identify and diagnose a hearing loss. The method used depends in part on the age of the individual and other factors.

A FREE hearing test actually includes several tests that measure how well you hear a variety of sounds, such as tones and speech. A baseline hearing screening is recommended at age 50, unless you're experiencing symptoms of hearing loss sooner.

Rodney, will perform a thorough hearing evaluation in our sound proof booth. He will also provide a visual examination of your ear using our state of the art video-otoscope. Air and bone conduction testing, and word discrimination testing.

After your evaluation, Rodney will discuss the results of your audiogram. Audiograms provide a visual representation of the sounds you're hearing and the sounds you're missing.

We'll show you the many styles of hearing aids right for you. You can try on actual hearing aids that include our latest hearing aid technology.

Why Choose Clear Sound Hearing Center?

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Free in Office Repairs

Leave the repairs and cleaning to us.

Don't worry about learning how to clean your device or wasting money on repairs. When you buy from us, you get FREE repairs, FREE cleanings and in office services so you walk out with your brand new hearing aid and peace of mind!

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia:
Hearing Loss Can Contribute to These Conditions!

Have you noticed a change in your ability to remember?

"The more hearing loss you have, the greater the likelihood of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Hearing aids could delay or prevent dementia by improving the patients' hearing."

-Hopkins Report

Don't Ignore these WARNING SIGNS of Hearing Loss:

  • You hear loud enough, but can't understand conversation
  • You overuse the word, "what"!
  • You can't understand conversation in a noisy environment!
  • You turn the television too loud for others!
  • You have difficulty understanding the lyrics in a song!
  • People seem to "MUMBLE"

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania says:

"Mild Hearing Loss Linked to Brain Atophy in Older Adults!"
Early Intervention Could Prevent Slide toward Speech Comprehension Difficulties!

AARP BULLETIN from May 20, 2011:

According to a new study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the National Institute on Aging, men and women with hearing loss are much more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer's disease. People with severe hearing loss, the study reports, were 5 times more likely to develop dementia than those with normal hearing.

According to the Hopkins University Study

"Heading loss left untreated can lead to at least two other serious problems...
...loneliness and isolation which leads to depression."

Hearing Loss? It could be just ear wax!

We offer free video-otoscope inspections, you will be able to view your ear canal and see exactly what we see.

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